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SeedStream is a UK based start-up with the long term aim of breaking down the barriers created by pay-walls. Our mission is to combine articles, videos and podcasts from a range of free and premium sources and personalise it into playlists based not only on the content you're interested in but how you like to consume it, all within a social framework.

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We Are Crowdfunding!

We Are Crowdfunding!

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Whatever you're interested in, pick the seeds most relevant to you and begin exploring

All The Information

When a story breaks, get access to all the available content 

          It's unlike any other I've come across for Formula 1 news and updates. It's a genuinely new, different and brilliant way to get the latest news, talking points, general information about F1."

Lee Shevlin - Android User


Addressing COVID-19

Our business activity faces no impact by the coronavirus outbreak. As a small startup team working out of the proverbial garage, our costs are limited to hosting and development. The plan following investment has always been to accelerate the app development process and build out the full version within three months - this does not change.


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